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Accent & pronunciation for presentations

Your use of language is vital for a memorable presentation

Do you or your colleagues have difficulty being understood? Clear speech is always important. Accent and pronunciation coaching can be helpful.

DR DUNCAN MARKHAM is a specialist in speech and language.

Working with Duncan can help you fine-tune pronunciation, modify an accent or just speak more clearly. The coaching is one-on-one, with an informal style, so that you can relax and focus. Sessions include assessment and tasks for practice, change and development.

About Duncan : Trained as a psycholinguist and phonetician, he has specialised in understanding talent and aptitude in language learning, and the characteristics of real-life spoken communication. His expert knowledge in these areas gives him a unique advantage in helping others modify their communication.Duncan trained in Germanic languages and linguistics before doing research and lecturing at Lund University and Deakin University. After working as a full-time researcher at University College London, in 2002 he established a linguistic consultancy which provides language training and analysis services.

Duncan has been involved in public debate about language in Australia, and has a reputation for fine work in his field. As well as his work with The Presentation Group, he has held training seminars for the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators, and has worked with clients for many major companies.



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