Ideas are as powerful as the way they are presented —
let us enable you to learn what you need to know.

Coaching: the personal touch!

Tanya Makin - TPG principal consultant

Sometimes a one-on-one session is the best way to create a special presentation

Presentation coaching is carefully directed and responds to your needs. It provides a safe space where you can build confidence and skills in some of the challenges of presentation and hone your business and professional narrative.

You might schedule it just-in-time before a critical appointment. Or build presentation coaching into the profile of a potential leader.

You might prefer to focus on developing style and presence so you stand out from others.

We provide the time, guidance and practise in answering difficult questions and avoiding problems.

We help you learn about today's presentation venues and technology - so you can anticipate and avoid problems.

And there's coaching for a competitive presentation - when you are pitching for a sale or a contract, a research grant or a promotion - this is an astute investment.

If you're part of a team presentation, several hours group coaching can lay the foundation for a powerful and successful result.




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