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Make your presentation memorable with your own photographs

TERRY LANE is the digital imaging writer for The Age/Livewire and for the Sydney Morning Herald.

His hardware and software reviews appear every Thursday in the Livewire section of the The Age Green Guide. He has had a unique opportunity to get to know every type of digital camera and much of the important image editing software, such as the industry standard Photoshop.

Because different people are at different levels of expertise with their digital cameras we provide custom seminars for beginners and for experienced photographers wanting to improve their photographs.

We can help small groups of people [maximum of ten] with:

  • choosing a camera

  • understanding its controls

  • improving photography

  • photographing people

  • understanding light and using flash

  • macro photography

  • product image photography

  • the digital darkroom — using Photoshop and other editing programs

  • choosing a printer

  • making consistent prints

Terry brings to the group fifty years experience with a camera and in the darkroom, together with the knowledge and expertise he has gained from several years of testing and reviewing new cameras, accessories and software. His collected reviews and articles, together with a gallery of test shots taken with cameras under review, can be found through his blog at dpexpert.


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