Ideas are as powerful as the way they are presented —
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The art of fine presentations

The Presentation Group offers something uniquethe Documentary Model of presentation creation

The Presentation Group is a team of educators experienced in the art of fine presentation. We bring many years experience in the fields of learning and development, visual design, speaking clearly and the technologies of modern presentation.
And we have a unique offering for those seeking to improve their communication skills and strengthen their presentations.

Our specialties are:

  • Presentation training and coaching
  • Speaking confidently
  • Designing and using images
  • Using digital technology
  • Understanding presentation 'support'
  • Asking and answering probing questions

Our Documentary Model is a technique for bringing together the critical elements of your presentation — the argument, your story, images, graphics, technology and the document.

We design training and coaching programs for all levels of experience. Our advanced presentation seminars complement leadership development programs and they build on sales training programs.

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The Presentation Group Team

Tanya Makin - principal consultant
Terry Lane - writer, interviewer, photographer
Dr Duncan Markham - speech and language specialist

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The meaning of our cube logo

A fine presentation has six essential elements:
1: Narrative
2: Images
3: Technology
4: Support resources
5: Technique
6: Document




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